What to and Not to Do in Relationships

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Relationships aren’t always easy. There are good times and bad times during a relationship between two people who love each other and you should always work and make an effort to make it grow better in time. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are made anytime by both of the partners included. The important thing is to know what to do and what not to do in order to avoid all conflicts and have a happy relationship.

Respect them at all times – respect is the most important thing in a relationship. First, you start by loving and respecting yourself, and then your partner. You respect them by the way you communicate with them, how you tell them not to settle for less and sell themselves short, and by the way you take care of them and not let other people disrespect them.

Always treat them right – don’t play games, be there for them, love them even when they are not very lovable, don’t be abusive, treat them with kindness. Give your partner the love life they deserve.

Speak their love language – the five love languages are: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. You can love your partner in your own way and it still won’t be enough. This is why it is important to know to express the all your affection.

Take care of your intimate life – sex is what separates a friend from a lover. Sometimes people get caught up in their everyday life and forget about how important sex life is. Try new things, surprise your partner, keep them excited, get creative and adventurous. Also, keep your hygiene in check.

Maintain a sense of balance – know when to hold on and let go, when to speak your mind and hold your breath, when to give them space and when to ask them to be more present. Balance is the key.

Be their best friend – tell them everything good and bad that happens to you, talk to them, be present, encourage them, and don’t let them down. A strong relationship is based on a strong friendship.

Have healthy fights – anytime you are not ok with something, try to be able to speak your mind without having to create conflict and try to work with your partner on what’s upsetting you. Be honest and find your medium place.
Accept them for who they are – love your partner for who they are as a person and try not to change them. Everybody has their own flaws, and so do you!

Put them down – appreciate your partner for who they are and not for what they can give you. Don’t make them feel bad about what they cannot afford, places they cannot take you, or things that they are not accomplishing in life. Don’t make your partner feel less. They are probably doing the best they can.

ake them for granted – this is the golden rule. Let them know that to you they are not just ordinary and don’t take for granted all the big little things that they do for you. Those are the things that first of all made you fall in love with them.

Stop loving them – love is a choice and a commitment. Don’t forget all about you have been through and how great you are with each other. And don’t let time or distance fool you that love is not strong enough.
Push them away – when it comes to love, you need to take a chance even when odds are against you. Choose to be brave and to let them love you even if you are scared. Give yourself the chance to be happy because love is always beautiful.

Suffocate them – love your partner in a moderate way. You don’t have to be with them 24/7. Give them space to figure things out and to have their own privacy, but most of all give them space to miss you.

Lie to them – always be honest. Be polite but always express your real thoughts and emotions. Tell them the truth even if sometimes that is not what they want to hear. Let them know that they can trust you.
Be jealous – relationships are not competitions. Be supportive and encourage him to be around friends and family. You can both learn a lot from each other.

Let insecurities take over – your partner has chosen you. Stop asking them all the time why they love you and why they are with you. Don’t seek attention and validation. Feel worthy, good enough, and confident.

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